Stay cool on the course with a Zena Golf Skirt

With our ladies mid layer golf tops, you’ll be able to swing freely without sacrificing your freedom of movement.

Made from lightweight material, long-length sleeves and a flattering fit will help keep you comfortable in any number of conditions.

Golf skirts for women’s golf

Every women golfer’s wardrobe should include mid layer. When the temperature drops, mid layers are the most crucial component of any golfer’s attire.

Our ladies mid layer golf tops are perfect for carrying around the course with ease. Being lightweight, They may be simply tucked into a jacket or packed in your bag without taking up valuable room for your golf accessories.

The golf skirt can be an excellent choice for women who enjoy playing golf. They offer a range of benefits, from increased comfort and freedom of movement to aesthetic appeal and practicality.


Golf Skirt
Womens Golf Skorts

Look good on the course in a Zena Golf Skirt

A golf skirt can be a fantastic addition to a woman’s golfing wardrobe, providing several benefits that can enhance both comfort and performance on the course.

This can be particularly advantageous for women who prefer a more athletic style of play, as it enables them to make powerful, fluid swings without feeling constricted or uncomfortable. 

Additionally, golf skirts are typically made from lightweight and breathable materials, ensuring that they don’t add any unnecessary weight or heat to the body during play.